Terms & Conditions

This is the Terms & Conditons page with you can create at Main Navigation > Pages > Create New Page.

Additionally, you can choose a page that we have designed specifically for this type of information. To enable it you just have to pick the Terms & Conditions template that appear on the left side of your page Admin interface.Also, to perform this action, you can do as follows:

  1. Create this page. It doesn't have to necessarilly be named "Terms & Conditions".
  2. Create a Page Category called "Terms" and select the Theme Template on the left-side select box.
  3. Create the multiple pages that will relate to the main page and for each page to become a "child" page you just need to attach the "terms" category on the select box below the status option.

You will see something like this. We also suggest you use some of these concepts and terms that benefit both your customers and you:

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